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It’s a tough reality, but over the course of their lifetime, most startups will end up raising money more than once. While fundraising can be difficult, both mentally and physically, understanding how to raise money for a startup is a key skill that will help keep your startup running smoothly and efficiently, leading to a greater chance of success. By following just a few simple rules, you’ll be able to ease the stress associated with fundraising, helping you raise money quickly and easily for your company.

Rule number one: fully commit to fundraising. Some startup founders can be surprised by how distracting fundraising actually can be. This is why it’s crucial that once you decide to raise money, you seriously focus on it. Go into full-time fundraising mode and focus all of your attention on your goal so that you can get your funds quickly and get back to work on your startup. If you try to raise money while also trying to keep growing your startup, you’ll tend to see your growth drop sharply. And your startup cannot endure that level of distraction for very long.

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