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27 Nov

MijSports is a single destination sports-news-social-media platform, meeting sports fans' social and information needs in a single destination, making life that much easier.

The platform informs members of what’s current in sport news, what friends their have said, and what the experts have said. By providing quality current and breaking sports-news content and real-time game scores as a basis (in the same manner as a major sports news website) and allowing users to interact socially with the content , MijSports will be the only sports platform to successfully merge  ‘paid-for content’ with ‘user-generated content’ (UGC) and ‘self-created content’ (for example blogs).

 “Up to date the project has been self-funded and we are delighted to welcome aboard such a strong investment partner,” said Charl Hoffman, CEO of MijSports.

“Caban not only brings on board a collaboration of independent entrepreneurs with great skill sets and experience but are also taking an active share in the venture,” Hoffman continued.

“Caban Investments will be assisting in raising funding to develop the project further as well as providing support services such as accounting, marketing and mentorship to the MijSports team”, said Caban CEO David Romero.

Caban has acquired 25% of MijSports with Mr Romero joining the executive team as a corporate advisor. The rest of the executive team include CEO Charl Hoffman, Chief Technology Officer Stefan Fekonja, Chief Marketing and Legal Officer Toni Tamaris and Chief Operating Officer Georg Dynowski.

MijSports’ goal is to become its members’ “constant sports companion” and membership is free.

The first round of investments is currently open.

For further information and media enquiries contact Dylan James:

021 683 2425
084 244 6389
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